MuscleMatt – Game Changer, Brad Blows Carlo

Awesome beautiful boys lose control after taking sex stuff.

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Vadim Romanov & Drew Dixon

This week sexy Brit lad Drew Dixon gets his Fuckermate initiation from Russian monster-cocked Vadim Romanov. Drew is a talented bottom and loves kinky session of hard raw sex. He can easily handle every inch of Vadim thick pole, first swallowing and deep-throating it with his willing mouth and then opening his ass like only a real power bottom can do it. Vadim doesn’t let up even a second, pounding Drew mercilessly and at the end he lets loose a creamy load all inside the stretched arse!

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Dominic Moore & David Kolar

Muscular Straight Lad David Kolar 1st Time Wanked & Sucked by a Man, Lucky Dominic!

David Kolar is a very fit, muscular lad with a body which is very well developed for his age. Handsome, blond, fit body, big uncut cock – he’s a fit for the site! We pair him with Dominic, who has done a few shoots now and isn’t afraid of getting a guy relaxed and playing around with him – lucky lad, he not only gets his hands on David, but also his mouth – first time David has a blowie from a guy, and Dominic does it well! David strips, shows off his muscles and fit physique before really showing off his massive, thick uncut cock. Dominic plays with it, wanks it, sucks it, and finally wanks it to completion, watching the spunk fly from David’s rock hard cock!

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Asian Muscle Boys In Army Fuck

Release Year: 2015
Genres: Asian, Anal/Oral Sex, Blowjob, Cumshots, Group sex, Handjob, Masturbation, Muscle, Orgy, Self-Pissing, Threesome, Uniform, Young Men
Video language: English

Yamato 23-year-old eroga tie dug out Gun! Erect bullet bulding fever! Shoot the anal! Hot semen frowned on muscle! No way incontinence!

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DeviantMan – Bubba Bull Breeding (Jack Dixon, Eisen Jach)

Happy fucking new years it’s gonna be the same bull shit and same stupid …

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TimF – NetsdeepBB & Jason Cox – Pump And Double Dump

Studio: TimFuck

I have never had so many people contact me as I did after word got out I met NutsdeepBB. He came in and filmed a Bruthaload and I knew there was no way I couldn’t get him fucking on camera.

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Studio: chaosmen

Bennett has a hot tight body, from dance and gymnastics. he definitely likes the guys, and loves to suck and sit on dick. in particular, he has a thing for white skinny twinks with big dicks when he watches porn. but in the real world, he is into all kinds of guys. i think the ‘big dick’ part still holds. he is a professional bottom after all!he is a mix of haitian and west indies descent, giving him beautiful skin and a big bubble-but that demands attention. he gives one of the best ass show-casing in both the photos and the video, so tops will be super pleased. bennett is a sweet guy. easy going, but a little self-conscious. he gets anxious about his appearance and life in general. despite that, he was calm and relaxed for the solo, and really enjoyed putting on a show for us. his cum shot is tremendous too! huge streams of white cum shoot out like a fountain, covering his stomach!

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Power Fist Party

Release Year: 1998
Cast: Galen, Mack Kurtis, Mark Evrett, Steve Winston, Jarred Wright, Chris Ward, Frank Sylvano
Genres: Buttplay, Fisting, Group, Hairy, Rimming, Dildos, Tattoos
Video language: English

Power fist features a cast of rogue electricians from the San Francisco Power Company who deliver high voltage service. Get ready to blow your fuse – call for Powerfist today!

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Colossal Cocks Collection Vol. 2

Studio: Euroboy

Colossal Cocks Collection 2 is a feast of hot gay action as rock hard cocks penetrate soft, fleshy arses in this cream-scene spectacular! Harold Zenn and Michael Amerika enjoy some outdoor fun when Harolds meaty phallus drives deep into Michael tush while out by the pool these tasty twinks kiss and strip by the pool before getting down to a deep sixty-nine and a long hard dicking in the sun!
Theres a hot menage a trois when Tomy Lima finds himself stuck in the middle of two massive members – lucky boy! Cocks are sucked and arseholes licked and filled to bursting before an explosive cum-filled finish! Playing swingball, a group of boys soon find their minds running wild – its balls of a different kind these horny youngsters desire!
After some intense sucking action, a meaty dildo is plied to lubed up arseholes before a punishing penetration with the real thing! When Santiago auditions for Euroboy online, the horny photographer soon has him stripped! After flashing his big lens, he ends up with his eight inch cock deep inside Michael Amerikas peachy arse!

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When Stranger Cums

Studio: Randy Blue

It was a dark and horny night when Dawson Riley and Dallas Evans decided on some Halloween chills and thrills. Pulling out the Ouija board they set out to contact the spirits, but it is they who are contacted by an unsettling . The phone rings… a strangers voice… he knows them and what they are doing, but how could he? The tension heightens as they realize hes watching them and knows their every move. When their fuck buddy Brett Swanson drops by they realize that hes the one whos been making the calls and they decide that he owes them. He must give up that hot ass of his for putting them through such an ordeal. Dawson and Dallas have such a hot time ramming their hard cocks onto Bretts hungry hole. And he eagerly works one dick with his talented mouth while the other is buried deep inside him. This hot three-way lights up the gloomy night until all three are spent, covered in sweat and cum. But it is Halloween, after all, and things are not always as they seem.

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Chaz Riley Fucks Troy Raw

Studio: Chaosmen

I think it was time for Troy to work with a Pro, and Chaz was just the guy for him. Troy has got that whole bi thing going for him, and truly likes to bottom. The two were set to flip-flop, but Troy was enjoying getting fucked so much that he didnt want to break the rhythm of the shootin other words, Dont stop fucking me!
I agreed with him. Chaz went at him like an animal, and I know he has done straight porn and has sex with women but I havent seen it. He must fuck the heck out of them! He has got style and sure knows how to showcase for the camera.
I like how every time his dick gets wobbly he just makes Troy suck it until it is hard. So Ass to Mouth lovers will enjoy that! I know Chaz has done a lot of video work, but I never have seen but one (I think he was a Pizza boy?) It surprises me how hard his cock gets being sucked, but also how hard he gets just sucking cock. I think it is something that he really likes, on or off the set.
And Troy, well, he IS a bottom. No way around it. His dick is happiest when there is cock down there.
I got a great undershot of Troy as he is cumming while Chaz is ramming his cock into him. It is a hard shot to do with multiple cameras, but I got everything aimed juuust about right. You will feel like Troy is cumming on you, and actually I think every last drop landed on my arm. I know I should have showed that, but it was body-temperature warm that I didnt realize just how much he jizzed all over me until it cooled down.
Chazs cumshot is a little off to the side, but starts raking in his load with his cock, juicing Troy really nicely.
Two very hot guys going at it with all their energy, complete with some scissor fuckinglike I said, it is nice having a pro who knows how to fuck in some non-standard positions!

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Shawn & Luke in Philadelphia

Release Year: 2019
Genres: Bareback Porn
Video language: English

Those fans of Luke Hudson (and we know there are many) will no doubt notice that this is an earlier scene of Luke’s – no tattoo right! But what it does showcase is Luke’s natural talent from the beginning.
Luke wraps his lips around Shawn’s cock – the look on Shawn’s face is priceless – he’s never had his dick sucked so well before. Luke jumps on top and rides Shawn like a champion bull rider grabbing the sheets as the friction increases.

Format: mp4
Duration: 13:11
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 3905kbps
Audio: 312kbps

File size: 422.9 MB

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