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Zeus Michaels and Conner Mason

Pretty much enough said… they’re young, hung, horny fucking cock sluts!

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Open Road Part 2, Scene 1; Boomer Banks and Mike Dozer

Studio: Raging Stallion

Mike Dozer swerves his van off the road to pick up sexy hitchhiker Boomer Banks. Boomer climbs in and Mike drives to a place to pull over. They jump out and commence chewing lips and nipples. Mike massages Boomers cock through his pants and the bulge grows enormously until Mike has to yank down Boomers pants to see the beast firsthand. Mikes oral capability is astonishing; he can swallow every last inch of Boomers massive endowment and withstand a full-bore face-fucking and not gag. Mike ditches his shirt and drops his pants. Hes a hairy barrel-chested guy with a big dick of his own. Boomer slurps up Mikes meat, but he really wants his face in Mikes meaty ass. Boomer spots a toolbox and grabs a crescent wrench, using the handle as a dildo. Every time he sticks it in, Mike urges Go deep. The wrench provides just the right stretching for Boomer to sink his cock with little resistance. Mike groans, but his hard on bobs vigorously and the van rocks with Boomers pounding. The more Mike sweats, the harder Boomer slams, until they erupt in cum gushers. Mike replenishes his energy by eating up Boomers cum.

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Suck Dick, Save The World Vol. 2

Studio: Treasure Island

Cocksucking is full of possibilities. It can be an artistic endeavor, a political action, an intimate form of communication, even a religious experience. It is also, of course, one of the finest sexual highs a man can have. If youve ever wrapped your lips around another mans dick and felt that throbbin, engorged flesh fill your mouth and breach your throat, opening you like nothing else can; or if youve ever nourished a fellow man, spilling your gooey DNA down his gullet into his waiting belly, then you know what I mean.

For Suck Dick / Save the World 2 , I put some of the greediest boneheads I know together with some of the most impressively hung topmen around, and told them to simply follow their instincts. The result–from intensely personal and worshipful one-on-ones to the anonymous thrill of the gloryhole, from masters of their craft to the acolyte in training–is an ode to the full range and depth of cocksucking.

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MormonBoyz – Elder Zachary – Second Anointing (Bishop Gibson & President Lee)

Bishop Gibson followed President Lee into the sacred chamber, eager to see what the older man had to teach him. As a member of the Order, he knew he was fortunate to be surrounded by some of the most powerful and handsome men he’d ever meet. And as such, he wanted to learn all he could.

The Brethren liked the idea of mentoring from within, grooming those with promise to hold important positions and take on more authority. This, of course, meant careful instruction, increased engagement, and, where possible, the opportunity to shadow and observe his leaders. And today, Gibson was given such an opportunity.

Entering the room, the young man and his newest mentor, President Lee, saw Elder Zachary already waiting for them, undressed down to just his union suit garments. It was no longer unusual for Bishop Gibson to see the young missionaries stripped down. He’d taken many through their induction on his own. But it was always unique and exciting to see another man wield the power of the Order.

President Lee was similar to his previous mentor, President Faust, in a lot of ways. Both men possessed a demeanor that seemed unshakeable and confident. Perhaps it was their strong, sturdy, masculine bodies, or it was simply their respective ages giving them the unmistakable mark of wisdom. Either way, Gibson loved seeing these men command the young boys that were called to serve them and hoped one day to be as strong and secure as them.

Gibson knew the significance of their meeting. Elder Zachary had impressed President Lee at their last session, and as such Lee wanted to reward his obedience and trust with a special gift: the Second Anointing.

Bishop Gibson knew this was a great honor, and even to just assist President Lee meant a huge deal to him personally. He saw the young, curious look in the boy’s face, staring back at them as they entered. In many ways, Gibson envied him. As much as he enjoyed being serviced by the missionaries, he deeply longed to satisfy his fellow leadership as well.

President Lee stepped closer to Elder Zachary, pressing his tall, muscular body against the boy’s. Lee looked to Gibson and gave him a sign to join him. Gibson followed behind, feeling completely submissive to Lee. And he was.

As his assistant and shadow, he still had authority over Zachary, but Lee commanded him just as powerfully. With his permission, he pressed himself against Elder Zachary, feeling his body against his. He could smell aroma of the boy’s skin mix with Lee’s. It was an intoxicating blend that stuck him suddenly and powerfully.

President Lee immediately began kissing Zachary, grabbing at him passionately and intensely, as if tasting his lips was better than anything else he’d ever known. He could feel Zachary yield to him, not just in body, but in heart as well. The man’s touch and make made him weak, unable to resist even if he wanted to.

Bishop Gibson felt the boy’s body react. His skin heated up and his genitals swelled beneath his garment. He observed how succinctly and strongly President Lee took ownership of the young missionary. It was like watching a master at work. Without even saying a word, Elder Zachary was his completely. This is what he needed to learn.

Seeing Gibson’s eyes widen and his lips swell from arousal, President Lee turned his excited boy around, gifting him to Gibson for a taste. The bishop turned his head to the boy’s, bringing his mouth to meet Zachary’s. The boy kissed him softly, with a breathy exhalation as if he’d just climbed up a set of stairs and was still waiting to catch his breath.

On his lips, he could taste some of Lee’s saliva. The idea of it being on this young, eager missionary made him all the more excited, making him to return a kiss nearly as passionate as Lee’s.

This fervor was short lived, however, as Elder Zachary was gently pulled away from him. President Lee enjoyed seeing Gibson embrace their young protege, but this session wasn’t for him. Not today.

The two men brought the young boy to a large, covered table, resembling a massage table but bigger and taller. Bishop Gibson knew this to be the altar required for the boy’s anointing.

The two men sat Elder Zachary on the table, stretching out his legs and feet. Bishop Gibson knew this was he cue as he prepared a plate of oils and cloths for the boy’s preparation. As he collected his items from a nearby desk, he watched as President Lee slowly and sensually washed the boy’s feet.

He could see in the older man’s face the look of complete adoration. As much power as he had, he loved this boy and saw him as something special. Bishop Gibson tried to stay focused on his task, but he was mesmerized seeing the effect Lee had over Zachary. Zachary, in return, looked at Lee like he was a god, and worshipped him deeply for all he was giving him.

As Lee finished his washing, he placed the boy up on the table on all fours, positioning him such that his ass was in the air and his face was pointed toward him.

Bishop Gibson, seeing that the washing was done, carefully brought over his tray. His job, now.

As President Lee slowly undressed, taking every chance to grab the boy’s face and kiss him, Gibson rolled up his sleeves and poured oil onto his hands, rubbing them to warm up good.

Once he’d slicked his palms well enough, he carefully opened the back of the missionary’s presented union suit, revealing the boy’s smooth, supple butt cheeks. He moved his hands over the boy’s ass, feeling his hole clench and release as his oily hands spread over.

Over the boy’s bent body, he could see President Lee’s impressive frame become more revealed, stripping off his suspenders and shirt, peeling off his garment shirt, and exposing his smooth, tan, muscular body. It was hard to know where to focus. His hands felt the smooth, tight hole of the boy he was preparing, but he was equally drawn to the powerful man for whom the boy was being prepared.

He wanted so badly to drop his hand into his pants, feeling the warm, slick liquid run over his swelling cock, desperate for relief from this arousal. Instead, he stayed committed to his task.

President Lee moved to Gibson’s side, reaching to take off the boy’s garments, seeking the bishop’s hand for help. Gibson followed the man’s lead and attentively stripped Elder Zachary down. The boy knelt on the table, fully erect and fully at their disposal.

Bishop Gibson took the oil once more in his hand and massaged it over the boy’s body, watching as every gesture and touch made him moan with pleasure. Each sweeping movement over his body seemed to awaken some previously unlocked level of his erotic responsiveness, making him more and more sensitive to their contact.

Seeing the boy glisten, completely covered in the sacred, ritual oils, President Lee stepped forward and placed himself in front of Bishop Gibson. The young man then proceeded to oil the muscle daddy’s body as well, preparing him for the ceremony to follow. Gibson’s fingers lingered on every cut and contour of his muscles, wishing he could have more. But again, he remembered, it wasn’t his time.

President Lee looked at his assistant and nodded. A slight smile on his face appeared as he saw the bishop’s desire nearly breaking out of his skin. He was proud of him, but his lesson was not over. Bishop Gibson stood aside at the edge of the room, waiting patiently with hands crossed as he watched the ceremony continue.

As Lee got up onto the table, stripping off his garment shorts and feeding his girthy cock to the hungry missionary, Bishop Gibson stood and observed. As the boy was placed on his back with his legs spread wide, Bishop Gibson stood and observed. Everything he witnessed made him hotter and nearer to needing to cum, but he stood and observed. And even as President Lee wet his cock and slid it inside Elder Zachary’s tight hole, he stood and observed…

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Czech Hunter 178

Studio: Czech Hunter

This cold weather is starting to bother me. Only way how to relax for me these days is to fuck young, moneyless dudes, who are willing to do anything for the money. This day Ive met two young boys, both students and classmates. They didnt go for my offer so all freezing Ive sent them away. Soon after I was lucky and spotted a much cuter, young fella passing by. Ive approached him and started my little interview. He was desperately in need of money. It was just a few moments and I saw him running bare ass in the middle of the square. Didnt take me long and I was with him in a hallway in an office building. He was eating my cock like he didnt eat for a month. Money can be fun here in Czech Republic. Here straight boys are willing to do it all.

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Elye Black & Johnny B Flip–Flop Fuck (720p,1080p)

Cast: Elye Black, Johnny B
Genres: Blonde, Anal Sex, Oral, Deep throat, Brunette, Bareback, Big Dick, Athletic, Facial Hair, Climax, Caucasian, Smooth, Blowjob

With his summer trip departure almost upon him, Elye Black goes over some final details with buddy Johnny B. Handing him the keys to his apartment, Elye tells Johnny that’s just about it, but Johnny has one more thing on his mind. Grabbing Elye by the hand, he lets him know he still has some unfinished business to attend to before he leaves, and with a look, Elye seems to understand exactly what Johnny means, as the two of them kiss passionately, quickly working themselves out of their clothes. Johnny hungrily sucks Elye off before letting Elye fuck him any way he wants. Elye slides his rock hard bareback cock deep into Johnny’s hole, fucking him from behind and then letting him take a ride before telling him they should switch. Making his way over to the edge of the sofa, Elye reclines back and spreads his legs, telling Johnny to fuck the cum out of him. Johnny smiles and does as instructed, pumping Elye full of hot, hard cock as Elye spits his load. Johnny pounds him til he’s ready to burst, pulling out and spraying his buddy down with a load to remember him by. Elye tells him it’s gonna be a long, hard trip without him.

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Bruno Balls

Studio: Uk Naked Men

Bruno Balls might be breaking his porno cherry for us, but this tall, very sexy young man is bringing a lot of pervy kinks to the table, Bruno loves licking armpits, hairy chests, feet, football gear, socks and of course uncut cocks. Bruno is a totally natural very highly sexed lad, with a perfect untrimmed complement of body hair from his hairy hole to his chest and beard “ and theres nothing we lust after more than a completely au naturel man. And just you wait until you see this sexy kinkster cumming, jet after jet, down his long, lean hairy legs and onto his perfect feet. He s a whole pervy package wrapped up in a dark handsome, hung, heavy cummer!

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Duration: 13:41
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Andrew Shut, and Peter Veselsk

Cast: Dominik Trojan, Mark Zebro, Joe Donovan, Nikolas Markov, Lukas Pokorny, Samuel Hoffman, Andrew Shut, and Peter Veselsk
Genres: Anal/Oral Sex, Bareback
Video language: English

Dominik in Ibiza” follows the lives of 8 sexy twinks and shares their stories of debauchery and sex! In “Buddies 2” we’re following our star “straight” stud, Dominik Trojan, as he decides to take a weekend excursion to the party island of Ibiza! Dominik is out to have the time of his life and knows that Ibiza offers sun, pristine beaches, and endless amounts of hot sex! Drama continues to unfold in the lives of the other “Buddies” along with tight holes getting pounded and thick, rock hard twink-cocks exploding with jizz!

Format: avi
Duration: 2:29:12
Video: 708×480, DivX 5, 1269kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.5 GB

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Big Boy Bareback Boners!

Release Year: 2018
Genres: Anal Sex, Bareback, Big Dicks, Blowjob, Cumshots, Facial, Kissing, Masturbation, Muscles, Tattoos, Threesome.
Video language: English

Geeky boy Cameron and his bad boy friend Cole are always getting up to dirty business when there’s no one around. Usually it’s in a bedroom out of sight on a "sleepover", but now they have the place to themselves and the freedom to enjoy those big bareback boners in a a flip flop! The boys work up their appetite sucking those hard and wet young shafts, then Cameron is getting his hole stretched as his hung buddy slides in, raw! He’s not the only one to love the feel of a dick in his hole and the boys as soon swapping, before swapping again to get their hot jizz splashing! Cute Cameron gets his load fucked out of him before being splashed in the face by his friend Cole, he can’t resist getting a taste of that fresh juice! This sure beats doing their homework.

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Duration: 14:26
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RS – Size Matters (Trenton Ducati, Armond Rizzo)

Armond Rizzo is a sexual firecracker, a smooth hunk of muscle ready to go off. Trenton Ducati is equally muscled and nearly three times Armond’s size.

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Duration: 27:29
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 4660kbps
Audio: 146kbps

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ChaosMen – Davos & Lorenzo serviced (720p)

A lot of hot Latin passion in this video!

Clearly, Davos loves to kiss, and these two have a great make-out session. I clued Lorenzo that Davos was into some nipple play, so he zeroed in on his nips, rubbing, sucking, biting until Davos was writhing around in rapture.

Lorenzo moved down to Davos’s uncut cock and literally treated his uncut cock to every technique he knows. My favorite is watching him slobber all over it, and then ramming it down his throat.

Davos returned the favor, though I think you can tell he does not have as much experience with cut guys. At times, I think it was obvious that Lorenzo was his first circumcised guy. His tongue searches out for a foreskin, so he had to adapt. I guess most Puerto Rican guys are indeed uncut.

Though, when they went for a 69-sucking, both guys shinned, and by then Davos knew what to do with a cut cock.

Lorenzo rimmed Davos and he was a bit jumpy. We stopped to find out if he was being tickled or that it hurt, but he looked confused at us. He said it felt amazing, so Lorenzo dived back in, and yet it still seemed like he is squirming more than enjoying.

I wanted to watch Davos jerk his own cock while Lorenzo worked his nipple dials. Davos also really wanted to kiss. So, Lorenzo hovers over him, kissing him, biting or pinching both nipples until he gets close. Davos even begins to suck on Lorenzo’s nipple, sending him into nipple overdrive.

Davos blasts out his load. He has a cool technique where he jerks his foreskin over his head rapidly, but once he starts cumming, he releases, and kind of cums hands-free.

Lorenzo then goes to give him a facial. He did have to stop and get himself close after spending all his energy working all Davos’s dials and buttons.

He abruptly cums, and Lorenzo swears that it was one of his biggest cum shots to date. I’d have to do some research, but I tend to agree. It is a lot!

Lorenzo then bends down, sharing his cum with Davos!

Format: mp4
Duration: 20:44
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 2939kbps
Audio: 111kbps

File size: 463.7 MB

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The Best of Brad Patton (True Legend) – Trent Atkins, Lane Fuller

Release Year: 2002
Cast: Brad Patton, Trent Atkins, Lane Fuller, Bobby Williams, Tyler Gunn, Tommy Brandt, Chet Roberts, Tal DeMachio, Clay Foxe, Matthew Rush, Joe Sport, Dean Monroe, Jean Franko, Arpad Miklos, Barrett Long, Josh Weston, Peter Morales, Gus Mattox, Corbin Michaels,
Genres: Anal, Compilation, Huge Cocks
Video language: English

"Brad Patton is a true Legend: His face, body and legendary endowment make him one of the most requested Superstars of all time. Finally you can have him in his entirety: nine scenes of masculine perfection! Get The Best of Brad Patton."

Format: mp4
Duration: 3:43:48
Video: 720×544, AVC (H.264), 2023kbps
Audio: 124kbps

File size: 3.5 GB

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