Sam Santi and Nick Daniels

Release Year: 2015
Studio: BareAdventures
Cast: Sam Santi and Nick Daniels
Genres: Twinks, Massages, Kissing, Bareback, Blow Jobs, Masturbation, Anal Sex, Cum Shots

With some sly and wandering hands, Sam is soon up for fun and his twitching dick turns rock hard. Nick swallows the shaft and coats it with spit as he lubes it up then sex himself while bouncing up and down.

Format: mp4
Duration: 23:05
Video: 720×540, AVC (H.264), 1941kbps
Audio: 148kbps

File size: 354.2 MB

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Rob Owards, Chris R and Thomas Fiaty

Release Year: 2015
Genres: Threesome, Bareback, Massages, Group Sex, Kissing, Big Dick, Blonds, Blow Jobs, Oral Sex, Tattoo, Cum Shots, Facial, Jerking Off, Twinks, Uncut Cock
Video language: English

Chris R is back, taking advantage of his massage clients. But since no one is complaining, the slim lithe twink continues to get them hard with his talented! It’s Rob Owards turn and when second masseuse Thomas Fiaty joins the company, the blond gets rock. Sex quickly ensues! Thomas is a hot piece of twink ass, slim, handsome and hung. Rob is right on it as Chris continues to rub him from the waist down whilst also playing with his growing dick. The three enjoy trading oral favors and Rob turns into a greedy piggy with two dicks stuffed in his mouth at the same time. Rob then lays on his back and Tom working that meaty cock into him while he and Chris make out. Rob is one lucky twink and moans like a whore as he’s given the massage of his life; this will certainly loosen him up nicely! Tom however, has other plans and swiftly moves on to Chris before he spunks all over the place, pulling out of Rob and straight back into Chris, using his monster cock to satisfy every ass available. The skinny twink makes the most from having such a delicious dick, allowing us to enjoy the ass pounding in close-ups that’ll make you squirt!

Format: mp4
Duration: 31:35
Video: 720×540, AVC (H.264), 1949kbps
Audio: 148kbps

File size: 486.5 MB

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Hot Threesome Marc, Nick Vargas & Kyle Matthews (1080p)

Cast: Marc Rushmore, Nick Vargas, Kyle Matthews
Genres: 3-way, Anal Sex, Bareback, Big Balls, Big Cock, Blonds, Breeding, Cum Eating, Fucking, Group Sex, Hunks, Massages, Oral Sex, Sucking, Twinks, Twinks in Shorts, Uncut

While waiting for their client, Marc Rushmore works buddy Nick Vargas’ shoulders but stops immediately as soon blond twink Kyle Matthews enters. The two immediately get to work on the yummy slender and pale Kyle. Their hands slippery with oil, Marc and Nick soon reveal one of Kyle’s secrets. He has a fetish for wearing sexy lingerie. The red, lacy panties clearly excite Nick and Marc as they then focus strictly on his ass. Stripping down to reveal their own sexy underwear —Marc in a see-through mesh white piece and Nick in a black G-string — Nick is soon on the table with Kyle, on top of the twink, rubbing his hard cock between his client’s creamy ass cheeks. Their bodies already slick, Nick wastes little time thrusting his fat uncut cock deep inside Kyle, with the help of massage buddy Marc, fucking the twink bareback. Kyle is spit-roasted, one fat dick up his ass, the other in his mouth, fucking his face. The two soon flip Kyle around so Marc can have a go at the twink’s ass. And with that beautiful slight curve on Marc’s big dick, he goes in deep! The two dark-haired hunks then continue doing what they do best, tag-team fucking and spit-roasting submissive bareback twink bottoms, seeding then feeding him their jizz before Kyle releases a tasty treat of his own.

Format: mp4
Duration: 26:13
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 4673kbps
Audio: 156kbps

File size: 927.6 MB

Zac Hood and Timmy Cooper

Studio: twinksinshorts
Cast: Timmy Cooper, Zac Hood
Genres: Cum Eating/Cum Tasting, Handjobs, Jerking Off, Jocks, Massages, Masturbation, MP4, Tattoos, Twinks, Twinks In Shorts

When Timmy Cooper walks into Zac Hood’s massage studio, the pretty twink has some attitude. It’s clear Zac is unimpressed and pissed by the boy’s cockiness but the big and beefy muscle jock knows how to give twinks like Timmy an attitude adjustment . Plus, he knows how to give one hell of a twink massage, too! Zac starts off oiling up Timmy’s back, then running his large hands all over his smooth back. Within minutes, Zac is giving Timmy an intense workout, pulling his limbs for maximum stretch and climbing on top of him to ensure Timmy is manhandled in a deliciously slippery fashion. You can just about smell the oil and feel the burn as Zac gets rough, yanking the twink’s boxers down and smacking his ass. The twink is stretched in ways he’s probably never been stretched before but he doesn’t seem to mind. There’s no objection coming from Timmy as he’s all but twisted into a pretzel! But you see, that’s what you get when you give Zac attitude! By the time Zac pulls Timmy’s legs apart, you’ll be getting hard, especially when you see how the light glints off his shiny, hairy ass, slippery with oil and all but begging to be penetrated. Zac is soon yanking on Timmy’s balls and cock for the sort of massage that borders on CBT and looks so damn hot you’ll be juiced before you even take your dick out of your pants! The probing, stretching and pulling continues as Zac flips Timmy’s own legs up and over so the boy’s knees are on either side of his ears and he’s licking the head of his own uncut cock. FUCK! When Timmy can no longer hold back, he grabs hold of the big, thick tool, starts stroking, and whips out a creamy load of twink jizz. And wait until you see what they do with that load! We don’t know about you but we’re signing up for THAT treatment!

Format: mp4
Duration: 18:27
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 4878kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 677.4 MB

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Ennio Guardi and Jimmie Brown

Studio: twinksinshorts
Cast: Ennio Guardi, Jimmie Brown
Genres: Big Cock, Handjobs, Hunks, Jocks, Massages, MP4, Twinks, Twinks In Shorts, Uncut, Underwear

Eastern European muscle hunk Ennio Guardi has his day booked. He’s got three hot guys all coming to him for a twink massage . The beefy jock is raring to go! First up is Jimmy Brown, from London, who immediately lays face down on Ennio’s table. The experienced jock then oils up his hands and starts working Jimmie’s tired and sore muscles. Ennio rubs his hands up and down Jimmie’s back, one hand on either side of his spine. Applying pressure, Ennio works his way downwards until it’s time to massage Jimmie’s lower body. After removing the twink’s briefs, Ennio massages his glutes, working his legs muscles and the mound of flesh that is Jimmie’s juicy ass. The twink is so relaxed on Ennio’s table he lets the masseuse do whatever he wants. But Ennio knows there’s only one thing any of his clients want and sensually, almost lovingly and full of care, works Jimmie’s glutes, fingering his hole, before getting him to turn over. Pouring plenty of oil on the twink, Ennio continues his expert touch, stroking and kneading Jimmie’s slippery body. Massaging Jimmie’s chest, Ennio then concentrates his energy on the twink’s cock and balls, stroking him to full erection and edging the twink until he eventually explodes, ridding himself of all tension.

Format: mp4
Duration: 24:31
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 4868kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 897.8 MB

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Edy Reed and Joel Vargas

Studio: twinksinshorts
Cast: Edy Reed, Joel Vargas
Genres: Big Cock, Fetish, Finger Fucking, Jerking Off, Massages, Masturbation, MP4, Toys, Twinks, Twinks In Shorts, Uncut, Underwear

Edy Reed has jerked off quite a lot but hasn’t yet been with another man, let alone another twink. When a friend told him about the type of massage they’d received from Joel Vargas, horny Edy’s butthole twitched and he immediately got in touch with the dark-haired cutie . The very next day, Edy was at Joel’s place, ready for the one thing he wanted most. Joel, ever the attentive masseur, realized that what Edy needed was no ordinary massage so he dispenses with the table, getting his hands slippery with oil to give his virgin client an experience he’ll never forget. Wearing a pair of tight white briefs, slender Edy enjoys the the older, experienced Joel’s touch and is soon hard as his nipples are worked over. Joel takes his sweet time playing with Edy’s cock then slides the twink’s briefs down, his greasy hands oiling up Edy’s ass and playing with his eager fuck hole. After fingering the puckered entrance, Joel then uses a toy on Edy’s virgin ass before giving him what the twink wants most. A slick, slipper handjob that ends with Edy spewing fresh hot twink jizz all over his own belly!

Format: mp4
Duration: 27:49
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 1949kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 424.4 MB

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Justin Alexander and Shane Hirch

Studio: twinksinshorts
Cast: Justin Alexander, Shane Hirch
Genres: Big Cock, Handjobs, Jerking Off, Massages, Masturbation, MP4, Smooth, Twinks, Twinks In Shorts, Uncut

College campus jock Shane Hirch is at it again. Already popular with the gay twinks, he has another admirer in the form of Justin Alexander . The slender young man lays face down on Shane’s bed, anxious to feel the stud manipulating his young body. And Shane does not disappoint! His hands slippery with oil, Shane gives Justin the twink massage he’s now known for, warming Justin’s sweet hairless ass and playing with that hole that’s all but begging for cock! Working his fingers in and out of Justin’s asshole, Shane stretches the twink open, teasing the puckered entrance before flipping him on his back, and working the fat, uncut cock until Justin can no longer hold back. Justin grabs hold of his own thick shaft and strokes himself, milking a huge, sticky mess out of his balls.

Format: mp4
Duration: 19:56
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 1951kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 304.4 MB

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Nick Gill and Pierre

Studio: twinksinshorts
Cast: Nick Gill, Pierre
Genres: 69 sex, Anal Sex, Ass Eating, Bareback, Cum Eating/Cum Tasting, Cum facials, Fucking, Kissing, Massages, MP4, One on One, Oral Sex, Rimming, Sucking, Twinks, Twinks In Shorts

Nick Gill’s had a rough week between school and work so it’s time to get a massage! Slender Pierre came highly recommended and the blond twink was just what Nick needed. Warming up his hands with slick oil, wearing nothing but skimpy white briefs, Pierre climbs all over Nick and what starts off as a massage, turns into a sensual cock sucking session . Nick devours Pierre, gets his face fucked, and his hole fingered. When he flips, over Pierre’s got something nice and juicy to slobber over. The slender masseuse sucks Nick’s fat dick, lapping at his balls before climbing onto the table and settling into a lip-smacking 69 position that turns into an all-out twink-on-twink suck and rim fest. And next thing you know, Nick is getting a different type of massage than he bargained for, one that includes a raw cock up your ass hitting that special spot that brings such delicious pleasure! After Pierre has his way, it’s Nick’s turn to get on top and you can see just how big his cock truly is by the look on Pierre’s face. The twink is positively flushed as Nick pumps him, stuffing his hole with the big twink meat and pounding away until he’s ready to let loose with a huge load, all over Pierre’s face, and into his mouth. Yummm!

Format: mp4
Duration: 18:56
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 4859kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 692.2 MB

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Simon Clay and Sam Brooks

Studio: twinksinshorts
Cast: Sam Brooks, Simon Clay
Genres: Anal Sex, Bareback, Breeding/Seeding, Cum Eating/Cum Tasting, Fucking, Kissing, Massages, MP4, One on One, Oral Sex, Rimming, Smooth, Sucking, Twinks, Twinks In Shorts

Sam Brooks needs a massage and he needs it quick. Like all techno savvy twinks, Sam’s first step is to go online . There, he finds Simon Clay, a tall, slender and ethereal beauty who arrives as quickly as possible. Except once he gets there, it’s obvious the type of massage Sam needs. Simon gets to work, oiling up the naked twink’s ass and playing with his large, uncut and curved cock, paying special close attention to Sam’s big balls. After rubbing cocks together, Simon then gets into a 69 position and it’s a cocksucker’s delight as Simon and Sam devour each other. Soon, Simon spits into the delectable morsel that is Sam’s asshole, rims the cock hungry twink, and slides his dick home. Sam turns into a moaning whore of a bottom as Simon pumps him full of raw dick and barebacks his sweet hole. Sam then straddles Simon and rides him, his own stiff huge cock bouncing up and down. Taking control once more, Simon gets Sam to lay on his side and plunges into the twink. We get some hot and horny close-ups of Sam getting stuffed as Simon unloads inside Sam, breeding his gaping fuckhole. Sam then blows his wad all over his belly, leaving it for Simon to lap up and clean him off.

Format: mp4
Duration: 18:31
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 4862kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 677.7 MB

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Denis Reed and Chris Connor

Studio: twinksinshorts
Cast: Chris Connor, Denis Reed
Genres: Anal Sex, Bareback, Big Cock, Blonds, Breeding/Seeding, Face Fucking, Fetish, Fucking, Hunks, Massages, MP4, One on One, Oral Sex, Sucking, Tattoos, Twinks, Twinks In Shorts

Chris Connor walks into Denis Reed’s apartment for a massage only to find the blond, tattooed hunk fresh out of a shower. Chris shows Denis where the trouble is but foregoes the massage table at Denis’ suggestion that he might be more comfortable on the couch . Chris readily agrees and Denis gets to work. Still wearing nothing but a towel, the toned former porn star gets his hands all slippery with massage oil and runs his hands up and down Chris’s back. Soon, however, the twink’s underwear comes off as Denis massages his client’s meaty, mouth watering ass. Chris puts up only the mildest of protest but by the time Denis has his greasy, oiled-up finger inside the twink’s hole, Chris is in seventh heaven! Now fully hard, Denis rubs the fat piece of uncut meat up and down the crack of Chris’ ass. He spreads his legs as Denis fingers him deeper then slides his raw cock into the twink’s hot ass. Denis digs in deep, down to the balls, making Chris moan before a bit of ass-to-mouth action. Pumping his cock in and out of Chris’ mouth, the twink then straddles Denis. Riding him hard, his own cock swinging round and round before ending on his side, Chris is slammed raw, fucked bareback then seeded by the Eastern European hunk and his enormous cock. Freshly fucked, Chris then pumps out a juicy with his mouth full of cock, tasting his own ass juices on Denis’ shaft.

Format: mp4
Duration: 24:01
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 1936kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 364.1 MB

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