Muscles Action couples trio Jocks Hardcore

Restless Youths

Release Year: 2005
Studio: Rascal Video Productions , Channel 1
Cast: Blake Riley, Josh Vaughn, Eddie Diaz, Johnny Hazzard, Christian Cruz, Damian Rios and Ryan Alexander.
Genres: Gay, Muscles Action couples trio Jocks Hardcore

Blake Riley and Josh Vaughn are the stars of ‘Restless Youth,’ a peppy movie that celebrates its talented young cast. Chi Chi LaRue doesn’t need anything too demanding to tie together the four scenes, just the celebrated boys themselves, full of energy and interest in dirty good times.
Blake Riley’s sex life didn’t begin with current boyfriend Josh Vaughn. In fact, the devastatingly handsome bru, with precise features as delicious as his body, with a bit of ink here, a bit of hair there, once picked up tattooed hottie Johnny Hazzard. This no-nonsense encounter finds them getting it on right in the living room where the two mack with flailing tongues and grope with urgency. Blake gives Johnny a peppery blowjob, whipping his head all around the cock, making the most of sexy eye contact, a helping hand and a deep-throat. Inbinations of this above, he’s incredible. Smooth pro Johnny gives it back to Blake, maneuvering the thick curvy dick with his customary gulping delivery. Johnny, sporting longer hair that really works on him, then rims Blake’s manicured asshole, slipping in some fingers too. However, Blake takes control of the fuck when he sits on Johnny’s dick and bounces, his butt muscles working overtime to make it sizzle. Johnny does Blake missionary, but Blake’s right was the champion position. Blake shoots being fucked and then Johnny has a mammoth blast all the way up Blake’s chest.
Before they were boyfriends, they were roommates. Blake admired Josh’s choice of men, including the very first guy he used to "christen his new room," Damian Rios. Damian is a Latin beefcake glamourpuss, with big tattoos to cover lots of him, not to mention piercing brown eyes that almost distract from the rest of him (almost). Josh is the ultimate blond twink, knowing just enough danger while reveling in his youthful good looks. He has a hell of a boner too, and it grows in his undies as Damian licks his lips across the room. Finally, Damian can’t stand the tease anymore and sails over to Josh, taking Josh’s cock immediately into his mouth and sucking with excellent devotion. Shot in loving close-up, Damian chows all the way to the base and dotes on Josh’s balls with zesty lan. Josh does a sexy lick all the way down Damian’s back to his ass, a bulbous mouthwatering delight. Josh stays there to rim, rattling off a feisty tongue bath to Damian’s cooing pleasure. Josh may look innocent, but he’s all devil when he fucks Damian, thrusting in all the way so he can crash against Damian’s ass with every pound. Josh works hard while Damian relaxes, a nice contrast that lets Josh take over the scene. It takes just one position for the two to find themselves beating off on Damian’s stomach.
One time, when Blake and Josh were out of town, Christian Cruz was watching their house, including a former hook-up of Blake’s, Ryan Alexander. Ryan happens to stop by while muscular bubble-butted Christian is in the shower, looking even hotter than he usually does with water pouring down on him. Ryan, big lips in a perpetually questioning position, is hard in an instant and the two do the flirty eye thing while their cocks bob. Ryan eventually joins Christian in the shower where Christian pounces with kisses before giving Ryan an outrageously sensual blowjob. Ryan’s cock is very long, but workaholic Christian is excited by its prospect, so he gives it the works, trying many different styles to conquer it. He’s alternately sweet and feisty, both appreciated by Ryan. Best of all are the sounds of slurping left in to demonstrate just how hard Christian works here. Ryan gets a chance to play around with Christian’s dick as well, but the real prize there is Christian’s ass, into which Ryan sends fingers (and even Christian’s own cock) moments into his oral treating. He rims Christian for a moment, but then Christian roars back to action with an oral assault that includes not only Ryan’s cock this time, but his ass as well. Christian parks his ample ass on Ryan’s cock and rides with stunning excitement. In fact, even Ryan seems surprised by just how great a bottom Christian is. The kid is a roaring, snorting, galloping mass of energy with a true love for cock. That means that Ryan’s active fucking is going to be something of a let-down, but not too much, since Ryan is a flashy ace himself. He almost equals Christian’s focus, so their fuck is a sweaty happy affair, ending with Ryan cumming on Christian’s face and Christian ‘sprinkling out a very impressive load.
The final vigte finds Blake relating the story of the first time he and Josh shared a guy. They were both attracted to him, but since the guy is swarthy Eddie Diaz, I don’t think it’s just the two of them who share this good taste. He’s a major babe, a caramel-skinned guy with a slight beard and a dark cock that is heaven. The heat starts to work up when the three kiss, Eddie and Blake doting all over Josh’s body with their tongues. Eddie gives Blake a friendly blowjob, but when Josh joins him, we’re approaching full boil. Blake returns Josh’s deep-throat with one of his own and is soon sucking both Josh and Eddie. A sensationally-shot rimming chain finds Blake on the couch on his back with Josh working his tongue in his ass, while Josh is propped up on the arm of the sofa so his ass is closer to Eddie’s tongue. Eddie does particularly noteworthy work with Josh’s butt. The favored position of this film for fucking is the bounce, and Josh does it splendidly on Blake. He’s far morefortable as a bottom than he was previously as a top. He’s a gyrating powerhouse here. Eddie gets slammed by Blake, who uses a fast-paced jackhammer style. All three cum on Eddie, with Blake blasting the best of all.

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Duration: 1:15:06
Video: 720×480, DivX 4, 1170kbps
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