Saved Head

Cock Scene Investigators Scene 4

Genres: Muscle, Oral, Anal, Blowjob, Cumshot, Saved Head, Kissing, Rimming
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Well, Maxx can’t cover up the crime just to save the commissioner’s reputation, can he? "What if I make it worth your while?" Arpad slyly asks, which finds them tongue to tongue in nanoseconds (imagine resisting either of these men). Muscular Maxx takes to Arpad’s hairy nipples and great abs as teasers leading to the towering dick. Maxx sucks it, adding a touch of sensual wanting to oral work that so far in the video has been plain old zealous. With Maxx’s stomach heaving, Arpad returns the favor, encountering this hefty cock with even more eagerness than he displayed in the previous scene. Few men can manage to be imposing sharing a scene with Arpad Miklos, but watch Arpad sitting at Maxx’s feet blowing him and it’s obvious that they have cast him a great partner. Maxx sits Arpad in a chair and blows him again, working in a more voracious mood now. He tosses the legs in the air and eats his ass but good! His shining tongue meets Arpad’s twitching ass with the camera there to see it all. Arpad then has another field day in Maxx’s shaved asshole, burying his chin in there deep and slapping Maxx’s cheeks happily. Here’s a mystery for you: which of these manly grunting studs will give it up for the other? Wondering over when Arpad goes plowing his entire cock smoothly into Maxx. Arpad rocks the bed with all of his energy and Maxx admirably takes it all. Even sideways Arpad is unstoppable. It’s a hard position, but he makes it look so damn easy, and Maxx remains beautifully hard. Arpad then takes Maxx with the bottom’s ass high in the air and then finishes him off with a slick -fuck. Arpad lets loose a giant spray all over Maxx’s head and back after Maxx has finished with Arpad in him. "You’re a great fuck, commissioner, but I just can’t break the law. You can’t live in a glass closet and throw stones," Maxx wisely notes.
There’s a surprise ending I didn’t see coming at all, and it fits just perfectly with the spoof. After all, "C.S.I" episodes almost always feature some ridiculous twist that makes it impossible to play along at home. However, the porn "C.S.I" doesn’t want to be so remote. In fact, it begs the viewer to be a part of it, using such glorious wonderful studs to play the parts. The sex never suffers at the hands of the story and one can see sequels galore for the very able Maxx Diesel. Personally, I hope commissioner Arpad Miklos is allowed back because he’s the real stunner of this piece.

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