Seriousmalebondage BDSM Latex string – Part 11

Genres: Gay BDSM,string,Bondage,Latex,ruber
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This wood coffin is so cool. It was made of scrap lumber by our friend Bind. I was at Bind’s jail earlier this year and saw the coffin for the first time. It is every bit as heavy and exciting as it looks.
This video is not the popular musical with Julie Andrews.
Once again I am out of town helping my friends build an ultra-cool jail play facility, so I am updating the website remotely. The play facility includes two jail cells
This update includes 2 videos. The first video titled ‘Control’ highlights one of my favorite pieces of bondage gear. It’s a muzzle with a ring attached at the mouth. This enables the submissive to be led around
Hey guys, I am currently out of town helping some friends build an ultra-cool jail cell facility. I’m doing this update from my phone. More about the jail cell project in future updates.
This video features our heavy rubber friend Tom from Canada. Tom was in town for the popular Dore Alley Fair, now known as ‘Up Your Alley’ fair. Dore Alley is the little boy of the massive Folsom Street Fair.
OK. What can I say. This is another update of crazy rubber and bondage videos. The first video is titled ‘Straitjacket Nirvana’ and features a visitor who brought his own rubber suit

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Fast Runner

Genres: Gay BDSM,string,Bondage,Latex,ruber
Video language: English

Our friends Mikey and Tony are sure missed here at the SeriousBondage Institute. They were both super fun to hang out with. A few years ago they moved to Seattle for a job opportunity and we have hardly seen them since. We uncovered this vintage video from 2008 in our archives, featuring Mikey and Tony and their UK friend Fast Runner (Recon). I don’t think Fast Runner knew quite what to expect when he came to the Institute, but all in all he had a good time.

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Seriousmalebondage BDSM Latex string – Part 4

Genres: Gay BDSM,string,Bondage,Latex,ruber
Video language: English

No Escape Slave, Mumman, and Dalton were doing the usual at SBI. That usual usually ended in someone being tied up
Mister X is game for anything we can dream up. He is really fun to tie up. We have several sizes of Maxcita sleepsacks so using them together made sense in the Serious Bondage way.
We built the Deck Cage weeks earlier, but had not had a willing or should I say available subject. Mode Nar went the extra mile to be our first test subject.
The Bind Bondage Report brings a well chained prisoner to a point of helplessness. Chained spread eagle in a locked cell and left for endless hours will do powerful things to a prisoners mind.
Men’s Central Prison or MenInChains is a total role play prison. The residents are always willing to play games. This one was a contest between the jailors.
Mister X always has a plan. As he wheels his suit case in the door and I know he is aching to get right to it. Being a bit of a sadist I take the time to torment him. It must be the same joy my man had as he slowly shaved and slowly drank his coffee before we could open our Christmas presents.
Mumman is a bondage marathoner. His style of mummification combines complete tight layered coverage and time. On this occasion he wanted to try out our new deck standing cage
We visited the Men In Chains compound with a pile of Maxcita canvas gear and plenty of medical restraint straps.
Rank from Rubber Men Of San Francisco welcome a furloughed soldier in style. Long kink lonely months of deployment really builds the need for proper rubber play. Rank takes the time to do things right and show his appreciation for one of those special people who serves.
The 2013 San Francisco Dore Alley Street fair was a little over cast. The clouds were building early in the morning but it did not stem the diehard nudists. Like the post office, nothing can stop a dedicated kinkster after he inflates his ball sack with a gallon of saline.
Rank of Rubber Men Of San Francisco put a new piece of bondage gear to creative use. Maxcita make a new piece he calls a "gibbet".
Flat strap cages are my favorite. Bind from MenInChains combines several similar metal pieces to create a prison style bondage scene.
I’ve developed a fetish for the rough canvas of a Maxcita Caught in the act sleepsack or strait jacket. The feel of this rough material against naked flesh has a unique sensuous feel. I enjoy tight compression bondage but in canvas I enjoy a little struggle room.
The head has many senses sight, sound, smell, and taste. Controlling these senses can create a world all of its own. The head box is lined with compressing foam.
Bondage Vienna (Recon) finds himself the subject of a bizarre remote-control cage experiment
From MenInChains, this is Bind’s second installment of his popular Bondage Report.
I remember that bastard well. And by bastard, I mean Rank, not my rack :) See, I figured I knew what to expect, having known Rank and my equipment for many months
Rank of Rubber Men of San Francisco takes an afternoon to relax. His idea of relaxation seems to be at his subject’s expense.
Bind of MenInChains fame does it again with a compilation of mummifications. I can’t say which is my favorite but the tape mummification struggling is really hot.
Cage bondage seems intense enough but bondage inside of a cage is even better. Bind shows how real the bondage predicament is with constant struggling. I’ve tied him up before he is a slippery character. Whoever tied him up has done a proper job

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Aggression Relief

Release Year: 2019
Genres: Gay BDSM,string,Bondage,Latex,ruber
Video language: English

This is one of my favorite videos which we shot years ago with our friends Mikey and Tony. These guys were a lot of fun, and visited the Institute many times to play. Alas, they moved out of San Francisco to pursue job opportunities and we have missed them ever since.
In this 2-part video we first see Mikey restrained in a unique neoprene ‘Walk Sack’. This is a sleepsack with attached hood, but the lower part of the sack is like shorts rather than having the legs enclosed. This allows the Mikey to stand up and walk around, but his arms are held at his sides in the traditional internal arm sleeves. In addition, the attached hood has nose openings only, so even though Mikey is mobile he can’t see where he’s going. Poor Mikey is always at a disadvantage, and as you will see, Tony loves to take advantage of Mikey’s helplessness. To raise the ante, Tony added heavy shackles to Mikey’s ankles, and a heavy collar to his neck which was attached to an overhead chain. With this bondage configuration Mikey could only take a few steps in any direction before being stopped by the short neck chain. Hot! This is one of the best bondage scenes I have shot in a long time. I hope you enjoy watching Mikey and Tony and their loving play. They are a great couple.

Format: mp4
Duration: 32:27
Video: 720×576, AVC (H.264), 3900kbps
Audio: 309kbps

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