Bishop Angus & Elder Jordan – Inspection

Studio: Mormon Boyz

Elder Jordan has been a hard nut to crack. He was assigned the sexiest companion in the mission, and Elder Hardt has made some progress on him. Elder Hardt watched him jerk off in the bathroom, and they wrestled naked, and he even shot his cum all over Elder Jordan’s chest.

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Elder Buckley and Bishop Agnus Ordination

Studio: Mormon Boyz

Bishop Angus has been keeping an eye on Elder Buckley. Hes heard from Newman how much Elder Buckley likes to fuck, and how skilled he is, but he knows he himself has a few tricks to teach the boy, and he cant wait to begin the les. Since Elder Buckley seems so butch, he wonders if the missionary will let himself be fucked in the ass, but hes fairly certain that hell do what missionaries do best: follow orders.
When Elder Buckley comes in, the bishop tells him that todays ordination is going to be special, and theyll begin by taking off their clothes. Elder Buckley has heard a thing or two about how ordination in the sacred order is a little different than what most Mormons are used to. Hes heard from other missionaries that they have been tied up, had their balls shaved, and been fucked raw by the aggressive, well-endowed bishop. Elder Buckley is a little scared of what the bishop has in store for him, but hes also very excited. Hes only been fucked once, by his companion, and that was just a quick tease, really. He wants to know what its like to get fucked, hard, by a grown man.
As they both take off their Sunday best, they steal glances at one anothers bodies. Elder Buckleys garments hug his masculine body, and his huge dick fills his garments pouch. When he goes to take off the garment top, Bishop Angus takes advantage of the moment to grab the boys body and run his hands over his chest and ass.
Then he takes the boys face in his hands and starts to kiss him. Elder Buckley takes off the bishops top and gropes his ass. And then the bishop slides the boys garment bottoms to the floor, grabbing his firm butt and stroking his fat dick. He steps out of his own garments and the boy grabs his dick and jerks it.
The bishops rickety, red altar dates all the way back to the pioneers. Its impossible to know how many young men have been stripped naked and fucked on it. Today is Elder Buckleys turn. The bishop turns him around and pushes him onto the altar. Elder Buckley looks back at the bishop, who drops to his knees and buries his face in the boys beautiful ass. The bishop really knows his way around an asshole. As he licks and sucks, Elder Buckley relaxes and pushes his ass back into the bishops face. He has never felt anything like this. The bishop stands up, takes the boys leg in hand, and helps him climb onto the altar.
To be ordained,Elder Buckley will have to take the bishops dick in several positions. The bishop puts the boy on his back, his legs up in the air. The bishop wets Elder Buckleys hole, grabs his ankles, and then presses the head of his dick against his ass. Elder Buckley can feel how thick the dick is as it presses against his hole, trying to get in. When it does slip in, just a little, his hole has to stretch to fit it. Hes completely stuffed. He gasps, and the bishop pulls back a little, then presses in again. With each thrust, his dick slides deeper up the elders butt until its all the way in. He fucks the boy gently, then flips him over on his belly and fucks him from behind. Elder Buckley cant believe he has so much hard meat up his ass. The altar is creaking as the two men fuck on top of it. Before the boy can cum, the bishop flips him back over and toys with his hole. Elder Buckley clutches his big red boner in his hand. He doesnt want to stroke it because hes afraid hell cum before the bishop is through.
The bishop puts him on his back once more and puts his dick in. This time, he isnt gentle at all. He slams his dick into Elder Buckleys ass, and Elder Buckleys dick throbs in his hand. Hes not sure how much more of this he can take. Hes either going to cum or pass out or maybe both. But the bishop is getting worked up too. He spits on his dick to keep the fuck smooth, and stares down at the boys handsome face and beefy body. He tells the boy hes going to cum a few seconds before he does, and Elder Buckley watches the bishop yank his dick out and spray his cum all over his ass and his balls. Then the bishop sticks his dick right back in and fucks the cum up his hole.

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Elder Mecham

Studio: Mormon Boyz

Elder Mecham is a very energetic and likable guy. In fact, he seems to be a favorite in the ward where hes serving.
I swear his name must have come up at least a dozen times while I was visiting his ward on Sunday.
I met Elder Mecham and his companion because I put out a request for companionships willing to play on camera. Both he and his companion were interested in being filmed, at the very least separately. And both are excited about the prospect of doing more. When we met up, however, they admitted that they werent sure if they were ready to go all the way just yet. Especially given their unusual living situation.
Some companionships end up sharing apartments. Elder Mecham and his companion are sharing their apartment with another companionship while that companionship finds a new apartment. Apparently its crowded, but they devised a way for one companion to lure the other companionship away from the apartment and distract them while we filmed.
Once at the apartment, he had me laughing right away. While I was trying to ask serious questions like, what is your biggest turn-on?, he had whipped out his giant cock and was doing helicopters by twirling his dangling unit.
I love to be watched. And I love anything where there is a possibility of getting caughtits a huge rush and an incredible turn on, he said in his adorable East Coast accent.

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Elder Chamberlain

Studio: Mormon Boyz

I dont normally get into solo vids much, but, man, this guy does it for me. Maybe its because he has similar looks and vibe to someone I know who I lust after. Or maybe its in the way he gets into jerking off, you can tell how hot he would be in bed. Either way, it works for me. Hopefully youll enjoy too.
Watch Elder Chamberlain explode after having gone more than three months without masturbating!
Going three months without release is a long time, even for Mormons. Its a difficult thing to talk about masturbation with my fellow Mormons, since they hate the word. But when I get people talking about it, most of the time they deny masturbating at allor at least fib about how frequently they do it.
But Elder Chamberlain is really one of the few exceptions. Hes happy to talk about masturbation. He even likes the word. He says he couldnt masturbate for three months because when he transfered to this area, he could never get a moment alone.
Not only is his companion always there, but theres no door on the bathroom. He finally resorted to tricking his companion, and taking the bus out to meet me. Apparently his companion is spending the day alone at their apartment. I wonder what hes doing?
Well, after all this, its about time that pent up energy was expressed and boy, was it expressed!
After the shoot, I asked Elder Chamberlain if he would hold off until he went home (another month)? He said he wasnt sure, but he wouldnt be holding off because of guilt or shame, or anything like that.
I must admit Im thrilled Elder Chamberlain has a healthy approach to his raging hormones, especially since it meant he was jacking his big throbbing dick off, in front of my camera!

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Elder Jackson

Studio: Mormon Boyz

Turns out Elder Jack is what you call a ward missionary. He hasnt decided if he wants to be a full-time missionary yet. He had a call, but changed his mind two days before going into the MTC. He was certain other missionaries would judge him because of his tattoos, which almost prevented him from being able to serve at all. Lately hes been working with local missionaries by going on splits for several months off and on.
When he visited me, I asked Elder Jack to tell me a little about himself. Turns out he has done a lot of competitive martial arts. Translation: he had to be solid muscle under those clothes. That first meeting we mostly talked about member missionary work, and then exchanged numbers.
For those who dont know, splits is when missionaries split up from their assigned companion and do missionary work with someone else. For example, when two companionships swap companions and missionary has another full-time missionary companion for the day.
Or in this case, a full-time missionary companionship might go on splits with two stake missionaries.
I was watching UFC a few weeks later, and texted him to join me. 20 minutes later he was knocking on my door. This time, Jack really opened up. Turns out hes definitely into girls. Hes gone on missionary splits a few times, and the Elder he splits with apparently likes to visit the local strip club.
I couldnt help but laugh when he told me this. And he laughed when I asked him to do a movie. Luckily for both of us, in the end he said yes
Two weeks later after splits, we met at a hotel and made this movie.

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Dripping Wet (Elder Berry, Elder Stewart)

Studio: Mormon Boyz

Elder Berry and Elder Stewart were having sex outside when a sudden storm drenched them, so they had to get dressed quickly and run for cover. But no sooner have they gotten inside than they close the blinds and take off their wet clothes.
Elder Berry is so excited about fucking his companion that he cant suppress a big grin as he unbuttons his shirt. Elder Stewarts white shirt, meanwhile, is a little too big for him, which makes him look even younger than 18. His short hair is drenched and stands straight up. As they strip each there down to their wet garments, they kiss and grope one another. Theyre both cold and wet, so every kiss and every touch carries an extra little charge.
Elder Stewart is wearing a one-piece garment, and his companion unzips it and reveals his companion tight white young body. They both drop their pants, and Elder Berry pulls down his companions garments enough to grope his round ass. He bites Elder Stewarts nipple, which is already rigid from the cold. And then they both slide their garments all the way off and, trying to warm up, they press their naked bodies against one another while they kiss.
Elder Stewart may look like a boy, but once his fat dick is in Elder Berrys hand, its clear that he is all man. He takes both his own dick and his companions dick in his hand and jerks on them both until they start to get erections.
Elder Berry grins. Where? he asks.
Right here, says Elder Stewart, putting their clothes in a pile to make the hard floor a little more comfortable for his companion. They havent made it even five feet from the front door. He kisses his companion and fingers his tight hole and gripes his ass. His dick gets hard as he thinks about stuffing it up his companions butt. Elder Berry lies down on his back, and Elder Stewart gets between his legs and starts to push his dick into his hole. Elder Berry breathes harder and shifts as he tries to take the dick in his ass. After a few seconds, his butt relaxes and Elder Stewart slides his fat dick right in.
Elder Stewart lifts up his companions leg and starts to fuck him slowly. His round butt flexes with each thrust. When he realizes his companion is still wearing his dress socks, he smiles and pulls them off before continuing. Elder Berry is tugging on his cock, but not too hard because he doesnt want to cum yet. He wants the fucking to go on forever”or at least the next two years.
Elder Berry throws his legs up onto Elder Stewarts shoulders, allowing Elder Stewart to stick his dick even deeper into his ass. Hes fucking faster now, pounding his dick into his companions hole. He looks at his companion lying there, wet and naked and his eyes half-shut. Of all the things he pictured when he was a little boy dreaming about his mission ” two mormon missionaries on bikes, two mormon missionaries going to the temple, two mormon missionaries baptizing new converts ” he never once imagined two mormon missionaries fucking!
Elder Berry has completely surrendered his ass to his companion. He lifts his ass even higher in the air and grabs his ankles. Elder Stewart plays with his dick. but he cant take his eyes off his own dick sliding in and out of his companions ass. Hes just learning how to fuck, and he wants to try everything: shallow thrusts, deep thrusts, quick thrusts, slow thrusts. He puts his dick in so deep at one point that Elder Berry gasps and has to pull away for a second. But this only makes Elder Stewart even more worked up. He pounds away faster and faster, his flat abs flexed, his tight white butt waling away.
Then Elder Stewart tries a new position.He lies down on his back and Elder Berry climbs on top. Elder Berry takes his dick and guides it into his butt. It goes in even deeper than before, and Elder Stewart starts to feel like hes losing control. Elder Berry leans down for a long hard kiss, then collapses onto Elder Stewarts chest while Elder Stewart pounds up into him.
Next, Elder Stewart wants to try fucking his companion from behind. Elder Berry lies face down on the floor, and Elder Stewart climbs on top, sliding his dick into his hole. He cant see his companions face, but he can tell from all of the moaning that his companion loves having his dick shoved up his ass. Elder Stewart fucks him slowly, and Elder Berrys whole body moves with each thrust. Elder Stewart cant take his eyes off his own dick. He cant believe how good it feels to be buried so deep in his companion.
All of this fucking, and the sound of his wet dick in his companions ass, and his big balls bouncing off his butt, makes Elder Stewart want to cum. He brings his head close to his companions and fucks him faster and faster. Even as he wonders if its okay to cum inside his companion or he should pull out, its too late. His load has already shot out of his hard dick and plastered the inside of his companions pink ass. Elder Berry knows what has happened, and he doesnt mind. Who doesnt like getting wet?

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Studio: Mormon Boyz

Hi guys! Im new round these parts and this will be my first upload, so go easy on me if I screw something up or overlook something.
Ive been hooked on Mormon Boyz for awhile now, and was very excited to find many vids here that I didnt have yet. I didnt really expect to have anything that wasnt already here – the existing collection is very thorough. But turns out I have a few that are not up here yet, some Im excited to have something to share on my first day.
Looking forward to checking this place out proper. Hope you enjoy this clip.
* Im going to wait before uploading the others. Im still seeding a relatively new upload on another site too and dont want to stretch my connection too thin.
From site:
Ward and I have been emailing for a long time. Hes Elder Hatchs Ward Mission Leader. And thats a fact I didnt find out about until I met Hatch.
Yeah, as soon as I met Elder Hatch I knew wed end up messing around. He was always flirting and wanting to talk about how excited he was to have sex after his mission.
I asked Ward the same thing I asked Hatch, have the two of you messed around?
Yeah, you know, it was sorta funny how it happened the first time. I picked Elder Hatch up to do some service work while his companion was talking to the mission president. I guess his companion was having a rough time and was thinking about going home, so he was talking to Pres alot.
Anyhow, we were driving and I could tell Elder Hatch had a hardon. He was asking questions about sex, as usual, and I had popped a boner too. Next thing I know, he asked if he could see my cock. Luckily I didnt crash when his hands went down my pants.
When I reached down and slid my hands into his pants, it was like the kids dick was solid steel and drooling precum like a faucet. I had to pull off on a side road where we gave each other some awesome head. Read more . . .
I asked if he ever made it to the service activity? He laughed. Yeah, no, we never made it there. We were too busy servicing each other. And then he said with a big grin, But we try and make it up with as many service days as possible.

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Elder Berry & Elder Stewart – Wayfaring Man

Studio: Mormon Boyz

Elder Berry and Elder Stewart suck off a hung stranger!

These two missionaries have been having so much sex with one another that their work has really begun to suffer. Every morning they get each other off, and so leave the apartment late, and they come home for a long, sexy lunch break, and their up late boning every night. They’re less worried about the discussions they’re not teaching and their failure to hit the mission goal of 3 baptisms per month, and more worried that if the mission president sees that they’ve been slacking off he’ll transfer one of them.

Out tracking one day, the two cute young elders come across a handsome guy sitting beside a tree. Missionaries are trained to talk to everyone, because you never know who might be ready to receive the gospel. They approach and say hello, and he tells them he has nowhere to go. Sensing an opportunity to teach a few discussions, and maybe even score a baptism, the two elders invite him to come home with them.

Their new friend doesn’t know anything about Mormons. He’s surprised that they share bunk beds in a little room. Even weirder, when they change out of their suits, he notices that they’re wearing really strange underwear. Do all Mormons wear underwear like this, he wonders? And when he strips naked for bed and takes the top bunk, the two young elders keep their funny underwear on and share the bottom bunk….

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Elder Miltmore Ordination

Studio: Mormon Boyz

The alter, having been anointed with cum, is now ready for Elder Miltmore.
The mainstream responsibility of a bishop, is to set apart members for callings in the church. When it is time for them to receive priesthood keys, a bishop ordains his members with symbolic power. And until last year, I thought those were the most important responsibilities of men like Bishop Steven. Learning about the true method of ordination, with the literal power of the priesthood, blew my mind.
Within The Order, you dont see much of the hands-off symbolism of a mainstream religion. Instead, I was watching Bishop Steven slowly loosen up this young Elders tight pink pucker in preparation for a very hands-on ordination.
Starting with only one digit, and slowly graduating to three, Elder Miltmores moans got louder and louder. Judging by his leaking hard-on and his facial expressions, he was experiencing increasing levels of involuntary pleasure as well. After his pliable little ass surrendered, Bishop Steven shifted his attention to the young boys prostate. Miltmores face immediately changed, and for a moment his eyes got real wide and his loud complaints stopped completelybefore turning into loud groans.
There were five of us in the room enjoying the sounds of submission. Stake President Cannon was the presiding witness, overseeing the ordination and making sure the young Elder was adequately prepared. I would have been happy to let them continue like this for hours, but President Cannon motioned for Bishop Steven to proceed in ordaining Elder Miltmore and conferring upon him the True Order of the Priesthood.

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