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Mormon Boyz Elder Ence – The New Name (with President Nelson)

Studio: Mormon Boyz

Coated in sweat and oil, Elder Ence lays on the table staring up at President Nelson’s large, chiseled frame. The imposing man’s throbbing ten inches lies just out of reach of his tongue and the boy arches his neck to get a lick.

The brethren summoned Ence here early this morning for his Second Anointing. When he received the note in his missionary apartment, instructing him to return to The Temple, his heart began to beat faster. He loved fucking other boys. But the knowledge that he would once again be handled and controlled by the powerful older men of The Order excited him in ways hard to describe.

Ence always loved sex, but, before he began his mission, he’d thought he only liked fucking girls. He has come to realize, however, that there are so many things only two guys can do to each other, so many things about the way muscular bodies and hard cocks feel against and inside Ence that can’t be matched.

He doesn’t feel guilty about how much men turn him on, but, he is starting to appreciate the rules and regulations that the priesthood applies to this pleasure.

When Ence arrived at the Temple and saw that it would be President Nelson doing the anointing his member instantly stiffened. Nelson is, in many ways, the pinnacle of manhood. His steely demeanor and bulging muscles intimidated Ence when he first met him during his initiation. But now, trying to prove himself to Nelson is his singular focus.

After having his naked body rubbed down, Ence was made to lie on a table. President Nelson took both of their shafts in his hand and stroked their dicks simultaneously until the head of Ence’s cock was weeping precum.

Then Nelson slid across Ence’s oiled chest and pushed his dick deep into the boy’s mouth.

Ence is driven to the edge of desire. He covers the President’s cock in his spit, hoping he’ll understand how much he needs to be filled by him. He loves watching the way Nelson’s mouth hangs open as he watches the boy choke on his cock.

“Are you ready?”

Ence nods hungrily.

Nelson pulls his huge dick out of the boy’s mouth and moves down the boy’s body slowly. He parts Ence’s legs and begins to tease his opening with the head of his fat dick. Ence breathes out, preparing himself for the full girth of the man. Nelson doesn’t disappoint.

He thrusts forward pushing his dick in and slowly opening the boy up. Nelson continues, pushing in inch by inch until all ten inches are buried to the hilt.

Once groans as Nelson lowers his full weight on top of the boy. He pushes Ence’s legs up over his head so that his knees are practically touching his ears.

“Nice and deep,” Nelson growls as he tries to grind into the boy even further.

Then Nelson begins to saw in and out of the boy’s tight young hole.

Ence closes his eyes and feels the rhythmic pounding of Nelson’s cock inside his ass.

“You’re stretching me so wide,” He moans.

“I know you can take it,” Nelson says, speeding up his thrusts.

Ence loves the sensation as the pounding picks up speed. He reaches up his hands and grabs hold of his feet so that his legs are even farther back. As Nelson’s pistoning dick continues to hit his prostate he knows it won’t be long until they are both covered in each other’s cum.

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Mormon Boyz Elder Dudley – Ordination

Studio: Mormon Boyz

Boyishly handsome Elder Dudley is nearing the pinnacle of his journey. On the day of his ordination he wants to be dominated by President Nelson and his massive cock.

And Elder Dudley knows the president is not going to take it easy on him.

For weeks Elder Dudley could’t stop thinking about Elder Ence, his mischievous mission companion. Instead of separating them, the two boys were paired with Elder Sorensen in a threesome.

It always felt so right when he and Ence were together. But he also found himself developing feelings for Elder Sorensen, especially when the hot blond filled his ass with cum.

But neither boy was on his mind when Elder Dudley entered the temple for the final step in his initiation.

Elder Dudley was led through to a secret staircase behind a temple ordinance room, and led to a room at the top of the stair. When the door was opened, President Nelson was standing in the center of the brightly lit room waiting for him.

Looking proud but also a little stern, President Nelson body language suggested he was pleased . After all, the imposing figure has played a pivotal role in teaching Dudley exactly how to give and receive pleasure.

The missionary boy is proud, too. And he’s anxious to show Nelson that when he extended an invitation to him to join the highest priesthood authority, he was making the right choice.

Nelson and Dudley strip down to their sacred underwear and Nelson commands Dudley to lie down.

The handsome priesthood leader quickly covers his initiate’s lean body with his, and presses his tongue into Elder Dudley’s mouth. Dudley can feel Nelson’s erection pulsing against his own and reaches into the man’s underwear to feel President Nelson as the man pushed his weight onto the boy.

Nelson pulls himself up so that he is straddling Dudley’s lap.

“I want you to stroke my cock, boy.”

Without hesitation, Elder Dudley releases Nelson’s massive member from its cloth confines and begins to run his hand up and down the veiny shaft. Nelson closes his eyes and his breath quickens. He lifts Dudley’s shirt and begins to circle Dudley’s stiff nipples with his thumbs.

While he loves being with boys like Ence and Sorensen…guys his own age…there is something unspeakably hot about pleasing such a sexy stud of a man nearly twice his size. Nelson could rip the boy in two with his bulging biceps, but he chooses to be so gentle with Dudley sometimes. And being teased like that drives the boy wild.

The President pulls off the boy’s sacred underwear and Dudley turns rock hard almost instantly. Nelson presses his cock and Dudley’s together and he begins to stroke them both at the same time. Dudley’s whole body tingles with desire. He knows he must be patient, but his ass aches to be filled.

President Nelson seems to sense this. He lifts the boy’s leg and runs the head of his dick between Dudley’s ass cheeks. Dudley gives him a begging look. Nelson, already dripping precum, pushes his fat cock head past Dudley’s sphincter.

Dudley pants and moans as Nelson slides is this shaft into him and desperately wants more.

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Mormon Boyz Elder Holland & Elder Oaks – Companionship Strife

Studio: Mormon Boyz

After being disciplined by The Brethren, Elder Holland is furious at his companion Elder Oaks. And he’s going to take it all out on his mission companion’s tender hole.

Elder Holland has never been a cautious boy. If he sees something he wants, he takes it. This included the wiry body of his innocent companion, Elder Oaks.

After he caught Elder Oaks spying on him while he jerked off, Holland took the opportunity to test out the brunette’s oral skills.

He pushed Elder Oaks to his knees and thrust his throbbing shaft at the boy’s plump red lips. For someone who had never sucked dick before, Elder Oaks sure seemed to know what he was doing.

Unfortunately, after secretly fooling around for a few weeks, the two boys were discovered by President Nelson.

Elder Holland was immediately summoned to the Temple for disciplinary action. He was told he could avoid excommunication and being sent home dishonorably if he would chose corporal punishment.

He agreed and had his ass spanked raw by a very sexy priesthood leader.

As he lay across Nelson’s lap, he could feel the man’s full ten inches, pressing against his stomach.

But Elder Oaks, the prized only boy of President Oaks escaped punishment and got a break from the standard tedium of missionary work to see his man.

Elder Holland doesn’t know about all the kinky man boy time the two got up to, but he knows that Oaks always has it easy and that the daddy’s boy deserves to pay.

Holland waits until long after everyone has gone to bed and in the pitch black night, creeps over to Elder Oak’s bed. He strips the covers off the sleeping boy who is, as luck would have it, laying on his stomach, his tight ass up in the air.

Holland’s cock was already hard but now ached as he feels a surge of desire. He straddles the boy, and slowly peels back the elastic of Oak’s sacred underwear, pulling it down to his thighs. Just then, Oaks stirs awake and reaches for the light.

“What’s going on?” he says with alarm. Oaks realizes he can’t move as his companion begins to part his cheeks with his fingers.

“Shut up,” Holland says, relishing in the power he feels watching the boy squirm beneath him.

His cock is hard as a rock and leaking precum all over the boy’s struggling ass. “If you like dick so much, let’s see how much you love taking mine.”

Holland pushes his extremely thick shaft deep inside the boy, all 9 inches to the hilt. Elder Oaks is helpless to do much but moan.

Elder Holland rides Oaks mercilessly, his balls slapping against the boy’s thighs as he slams down on him.

He feels every inch disappearing into Oak’s hole, holds the boy’s arms and covers his mouth.

When he get’s tired of the boy’s ass, he spins him around and fucks his mouth, holding Oak’s head down until he chokes.

Holland’s balls are aching for release but he holds off on busting in Oak’s throat for as long as he can.

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Mormon Boyz Elder Dudley – The Covenant (with President Nelson)

Studio: Mormon Boyz

Innocent and handsome, Elder Dudley has always followed the rues even if it didn’t make sense. But for the first time in his life , things were making sense. Finally he understood his feelings for other boys. Finally he understood why he dreamt of being fucked by his handsome priesthood leaders.

Initially he worried his crush on Elder Ence had led him to justify breaking the rules. After all, the two had spent so many nights fucking. But, his last visit with President Nelson and President Oaks, was a life changing experience.

The visit culminated with an atonement ceremony, and amplified his eagerness to join the priesthood order.

Dudley was made to open his asshole on the priesthood stretcher while Nelson and Oaks watched in stony silence. The handsome and intimidating figures have a powerful effect on sweet young boys, who find themselves only wanting to make those daddies happy.

He took as many of the increasingly thick pegs as he could handle and when he was done, Oaks told him he’d been a good little initiate. Then he bent Dudley over and fucked his ass raw.

Dudley’s hole is still sore from that pounding, but more than anything he wants to begin the next step in his journey.

President Oaks leaves him in the dark chamber and told two temple workers to clean and prepare the boy’s body. Two hugely muscular daddies whom Dudley had never seen before picked him up and laid him on an altar.

Meticulously they wiped down his body of all the sweat and cum. They were in no rush, but eventually dressed him in a sheer ceremonial robe.

One of these muscular daddies led Elder Dudley through the Temple halls, nudging him forward as he played with the boy’s exposed ass until he brought Dudley to a tiny door. Dudley had to crouch down and get on all fours to enter.

He waits, as Oaks has instructed him, for a sharp knock and then he crawls inside.

The light in the room is blinding, but he immediately recognizes the hand that grabs his neck and leads him to the bed. It is President Nelson, the imposing, muscle daddy who filled Dudley so full when they first met he nearly .

Nelson instructs the boy to wash his feet while President Oaks stands as a witness in the corner. Nelson then pulls off his shirt and reveals his rippling abs. The boy gulps and slowly runs a cloth across his chest, paying special attention to the President’s hardening nipples.

President Nelson places Dudley’s hand on the crotch of his sacred underwear. His throbbing cock is threatening to burst through the material. “You must do everything I desire” Nelson tells the boy.

Dudley pulls the thin material down and gazes in wonder at President Nelson’ pulsing member. President Nelson’s cock is magnificently long and thick and perfect. He doesn’t have much time for admiration as Nelson quickly pushes Dudley’s mouth down on the wet head.

Dudley swallows President Nelson’s shaft. President Nelson thrusts and grunts. Looking at the boy in his big beautiful brown eyes as his cock is wrapped in the boy’s warm velvety soft mouth, Nelson reassures him, “you’re just like a boy to me.”

The praise and the feeling of Nelson’s dick filling his throat makes Dudley ache with desire. His cock begins weeping precum.

Too quickly, the President pulls out and tells Dudley to bend over on the bed. Dudley feels the President’s thick, insistent tongue pressing into his asshole. His large, powerful hand grips Dudley’s nagging erection. He isn’t sure how long he’ll be able to hold out.

“Are you ready for me?” Nelson says, straddling the boy. Dudleys nods into the mattress and moans. He feels Nelson’s dickhead pushing against and teasing his hole. Slowly he inches forward, opening the boy until his ass can accommodate the girth of his massive mushroom head.

Elder Dudley will do anything to please this man. He wants Nelson to own him, to breed him, and use his body for the man’s pleasure.

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Mormon Boyz Elder Foster – The Sacrament (with Bishop Angus)

Studio: Mormon Boyz

Elder Foster is one step away from being able to join The Order and having complete authority over every young Mormon boy he meets.

All he has to do now, is demonstrate total devotion and persuade Bishop Angus to breed him with his thick, throbbing dick, deep inside his young tight hole.

That should be no problem for Foster, since his mind has been filled with dirty sexual fantasies about the muscle bear of a hairy daddy since the first time he laid eyes on him.

Bishop Angus has already fucked the young initiate several times, first during his induction and then during the long and thorough inspection. But this time, Bishop Angus will be pumping his load deep into the young boy’s ass.

Foster has already watched his cock disappear into the older man’s mouth and felt the head of his cock hit the back of Angus’ throat. And now the muscle bear has him pressed against his rippling chest as he pushes two fingers into Foster’s beautiful young quim.

Foster moans and shivers. He’s ready to feel that hot cock slide all the way inside him. He sits up and slowly lowers himself onto Angus’ erect member.

Angus smiles. He sits up and wraps his massive arms around the young boy and begins to thrust. Foster feels so good giving this man exactly what he wants, being obedient while feeling his own power growing.

Bishop Angus picks up the boy and eases him onto his back. He pulls apart Foster’s legs and raises them onto his shoulders. “You’ve always been like a boy to me,” He whispers gruffly, and then he really begins to pound home.

Foster has never experienced anything like this before. His whole body is pulsing with desire and his dick feels ready to explode. It’s like he can feel Angus’ gigantic cock, not just grazing but pummeling that joy button in his ass, making his entire body go tingly.

He can tell from Angus’ deep groans that he is close.

As the pleasure centers in Foster’s brain start to fire, his dick gets harder. And has his dick gets harder, his taint and prostate swell and his hole tightens around the powerful priesthood leader’s member. He will give anything, do anything to make this man happy.

Elder Foster dick is literally weeping precum and his body is begging to get fucked as hard and as deep as possible by Bishop Angus.

Foster feels an uncontrollable desire for the hot load of cum to shoot into his ass and finally make him a member of the Brethren, the elite group of men he has worked so hard to please.

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Elder Isaacs & Patriarch Smith – Evaluation 2

Studio: Mormon Boyz

Patriarch Smith is always happy to fulfill his duty toward the young men whom The Order assigns to his care. Currently he’s been put in charge of disobedient Elder Isaacs.

It seems the young missionary has been engaging in an extreme amount of unsanctioned gay sex. Despite the disciplinary efforts of the Patriarch’s fellow priesthood leaders, they have been unable to make Isaacs feel regret or remorse.

The Patriarch understands Elder Isaacs. He himself was once young and wild. He understands that sexual experiences can be overwhelming and addicting for a young man.

But he also knows the intense pleasure to be gained from controlling and directing sexual impulses, from denying and then releasing them. And he knows best way to teach the young missionary how to ride the edge of his desire is some good old hands-on experience.

Patriarch Smith has had the pleasure of meeting Elder Isaacs previously. He knows the young missionary is attracted to him – and the feeling is mutual.

How could he resist such a temptation as Elder Isaacs? He uses the information to his advantage. The missionary has grown over-confident and it’s time someone put him back in his place.

He leaves the boy alone as long as he can before contacting him, as he needs to reaffirm control over the young Elder. But soon his own desire becomes overwhelming. He longs to see the missionary’s young, naked body again. He has clear memories of Elder Isaacs pink nipples, round ass and tight hole. He’s eager to discipline him.

He sends word for the missionary to attend an interview where he will perform an evaluation. The moment Elder Isaacs walks through the door, the Patriarch knows that the young missionary is ready to submit. The young man is too shy to hold eye contact, like a puppy, and Smith knows he already has full control of him.

Given the extent of Elder Isaacs’s disobedience, there’s no need for words or explanations. The boy has committed every kind of sexual transgression, and he knows why he is here.

Patriarch Smith wastes no time. Once the boy’s naked, he bends him over the bed and teases him with the head of his cock. The boy lies there, still, entirely obedient. And then, as his tight hole opens to swallow the older man’s cock, eager to take him in up to the hilt, the Patriarch can tell he wants more.

Isaacs wants to feel what it’s like to get fucked, hard, by a man. But Smith fucks the boy deep and slow, ignoring the Elder’s urgent desire for a good hard, fucking. This isn’t about what Elder Isaacs wants, but about what Smith feels the boy needs.

As the boy starts to moan and writhe on the bed, the Patriarch pulls out. It’s time to examine him. He kneels on the floor, inspecting his tight pink asshole, tasting it with his tongue and pushing his thumb inside, he’s tight and wet.

He can see that Elder Isaacs’s dick is hard and aching between his legs. As a reward he allows the young missionary to touch himself, which Isaacs does and lets out a satisfying whimper.

The Patriarch knows that he’s gained full control of Elder Isaacs. The boy is on the edge of cumming. The time has come for the Patriarch to reward the boy’s patience and so he pounds the sexy Mormon missionary boy’s hole hard and deep.

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Elder Foster – Inspection

Studio: Mormon Boyz

The best part of being a priesthood leader is, without a doubt, the contact with all of the hot, younger men who are looking for guidance and, often, a sexual education. Given how often young Mormon men feel guilty, it is not at all surprising that they are constantly seeking out their priesthood leaders for reassurance.
After Elder Foster messed around with his greenie trainer, his guilt started building. Then his companion told him about a secretive order within the church. A fraternal order that maintained the lineage of a true and higher priesthood. He and his companion kept having sex, a lot of sex. And eventually, Elder Miller introduced him to one of the priesthood authorities who was part of this order. His name was Bishop Angus.
The experience was incredibly hot, but it left him confused. His companion had accepted the Bishops offer during their induction to join their organization. Elder Foster badly wanted to say yes right then, but instead said he would have to spend some time thinking it through.
Its not that he didnt want to join this secretive organization, he absolutely did. And he was certain he would eventually say yes. But it was just really hard to believe. Prior to this point, the message he had been getting about same sex attraction was pretty clear. And, despite feeling guilty, now that he had started, he didnt want to stop having sex.
So he had sex with another missionary while on splits. Elder Peterson. And it was amazing.
Read more . . .
But finally, he couldnt take it anymore. His guilt built up to a point where he had to go talk to his mission president. He was sure that his mission President would tell him he had to stop. Repent or go home dishonorably. But that is not what happened. In fact, his mission president confirmed what Bishop Angus had told him…and then fucked him!
There was no longer really much to think about. He would say yes. So when his mission president contacted him for an interview at the chapel where he had met Bishop Angus, he was certain the invitation to join The Order was just around the corner.
And Elder Foster cant wait to get his tight pink hole pounded.

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Inspection: Part 2 – Elder Stewart

Studio: Mormon Boyz

What makes a Mormon boy stand out among his fellow missionaries? All of them are clean-cut, well-dressed, obedient, hard-working and faithful.
But a handful of them rise above the rest. Handsome, physically fit, willing to take a risk, endowed with a huge capacity to love. Its these boys who are groomed by their leaders to join the secretive ring of men and boys known as The Order.
And Elder Stewart is a natural candidate. Extra cute with a big penis and a perfect little ass that loves to be pounded, the Brethren have begun the arduous, painful initiation process.
Bishop Angus has stripped the boy naked and feasted his eyes on every inch of his gorgeous body. The boy loves the attention, flexing his muscles and sucking in his stomach. The pleasure of being looked at so closely has started to turn him on, and his massive tool starts to stiffen.
The bishop notices, and if the boy might have been nervous about getting an erection in front of a priesthood leader, the older mans own thick boner encourages him. Elder Stewart blushes, but hes also proud to have had such a visible effect on the man.
Hes happy to know that the bishop is as turned on by him as he is by the bishop. Read more . . .
Elder Stewart had imagined that this inspection would just be visual, but the bishop has much more in mind than that. He bends Stewart over the edge of his desk and spit on his tight hole. He probes the hole with a finger ” it resists at first, then gives way as the boy moans. The boys dick lengthens and swells in anticipation.
The bishops cock is dripping, and he will not let the young man leave the office until his hole has been thoroughly fucked in every position imaginable and theyve both shot off big loads of cum.

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Elder Stewart Inspection

Studio: Mormon Boyz

The Brethren of The Order are proud of Elder Stewart. Theyve been monitoring his progress for months, watching him learn and grow as a missionary and a candidate for the higher priesthood.
Even before he began fooling around with his cute mission companion, they knew hed be a good candidate for induction into the secretive male-only school of the prophets. The men were drawn to his missionary file which included pictures of his adorable face, his tight body, his big penis and his perfect ass.
According to his file, a counselor in the MTC met with Elder Stewart on several occasions. Several pages of extensively detailed notes about the boys sexual fantasies were added to his file after his counseling sessions.
So it came as no surprise when Elder Stewart started having sex with his companion and others. It was clear the boy had an insatiable sexual appetite. In fact, the men of the order suspected that he loved nothing more than being plowed with a huge cock.
The Brethren began the process of inspecting, testing and initiating the boy into their exclusive and covert ring. And he has done very well in what can be humiliating, painful and scary circumstances.
In an environment where obedience is everything, he has risen to every challenge, and proven himself capable of taking ordersas well as taking several big dicks in his sweet young ass. And all of this without a complaint.
The next step on his path to manhood and full fellowship in The Order is a thorough inspection by Bishop Angus. The bishop is one of the missionaries favorite priesthood leaders. Hes handsome, muscular and friendly, and hes rumored to have a thick penis and to be extremely gifted at pounding the missionaries that come his way.
Elder Stewart is very excited to be probed by the older man, and the bishop is also eager to have a look at every inch of this pretty boys body before bending him over his desk and slipping his cock into the boys hole.
Elder Stewart arrives punctually and heads for the bishops office. He knocks on the door, and the bishop lets him in, smiling. Today is your inspection, Elder! Do you understand whats required of you?
Elder Stewart grins. Yes.

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Elder Berry and Elder Stewart – Dripping Wet

Studio: Mormon Boyz

Elder Berry and Elder Stewart were having sex outside when a sudden storm drenched them, so they had to get dressed quickly and run for cover. But no sooner have they gotten inside than they close the blinds and take off their wet clothes.
Elder Berry is so excited about fucking his companion that he cant suppress a big grin as he unbuttons his shirt. Elder Stewarts white shirt, meanwhile, is a little too big for him, which makes him look even younger than 18. His short hair is drenched and stands straight up. As they strip each there down to their wet garments, they kiss and grope one another. Theyre both cold and wet, so every kiss and every touch carries an extra little charge.
Elder Stewart is wearing a one-piece garment, and his companion unzips it and reveals his companion tight white young body. They both drop their pants, and Elder Berry pulls down his companions garments enough to grope his round ass. He bites Elder Stewarts nipple, which is already rigid from the cold. And then they both slide their garments all the way off and, trying to warm up, they press their naked bodies against one another while they kiss.
Elder Stewart may look like a boy, but once his fat dick is in Elder Berrys hand, its clear that he is all man. He takes both his own dick and his companions dick in his hand and jerks on them both until they start to get erections.
Elder Berry grins. “Where?” he asks.
“Right here,” says Elder Stewart, putting their clothes in a pile to make the hard floor a little more comfortable for his companion. They havent made it even five feet from the front door. He kisses his companion and fingers his tight hole and gripes his ass. His dick gets hard as he thinks about stuffing it up his companions butt. Elder Berry lies down on his back, and Elder Stewart gets between his legs and starts to push his dick into his hole. Elder Berry breathes harder and shifts as he tries to take the dick in his ass. After a few seconds, his butt relaxes and Elder Stewart slides his fat dick right in.
Elder Stewart lifts up his companions leg and starts to fuck him slowly. His round butt flexes with each thrust. When he realizes his companion is still wearing his dress socks, he smiles and pulls them off before continuing. Elder Berry is tugging on his cock, but not too hard because he doesnt want to cum yet. He wants the fucking to go on foreveror at least the next two years.
Elder Berry throws his legs up onto Elder Stewarts shoulders, allowing Elder Stewart to stick his dick even deeper into his ass. Hes fucking faster now, pounding his dick into his companions hole. He looks at his companion lying there, wet and naked and his eyes half-shut. Of all the things he pictured when he was a little boy dreaming about his mission two mormon missionaries on bikes, two mormon missionaries going to the temple, two mormon missionaries baptizing new converts he never once imagined two mormon missionaries fucking!
Elder Berry has completely surrendered his ass to his companion. He lifts his ass even higher in the air and grabs his ankles. Elder Stewart plays with his dick. but he cant take his eyes off his own dick sliding in and out of his companions ass. Hes just learning how to fuck, and he wants to try everything: shallow thrusts, deep thrusts, quick thrusts, slow thrusts. He puts his dick in so deep at one point that Elder Berry gasps and has to pull away for a second. But this only makes Elder Stewart even more worked up. He pounds away faster and faster, his flat abs flexed, his tight white butt waling away.
Then Elder Stewart tries a new position.He lies down on his back and Elder Berry climbs on top. Elder Berry takes his dick and guides it into his butt. It goes in even deeper than before, and Elder Stewart starts to feel like hes losing control. Elder Berry leans down for a long hard kiss, then collapses onto Elder Stewarts chest while Elder Stewart pounds up into him.
Next, Elder Stewart wants to try fucking his companion from behind. Elder Berry lies face down on the floor, and Elder Stewart climbs on top, sliding his dick into his hole. He cant see his companions face, but he can tell from all of the moaning that his companion loves having his dick shoved up his ass. Elder Stewart fucks him slowly, and Elder Berrys whole body moves with each thrust. Elder Stewart cant take his eyes off his own dick. He cant believe how good it feels to be buried so deep in his companion.
All of this fucking, and the sound of his wet dick in his companions ass, and his big balls bouncing off his butt, makes Elder Stewart want to cum. He brings his head close to his companions and fucks him faster and faster. Even as he wonders if its okay to cum inside his companion or he should pull out, its too late. His load has already shot out of his hard dick and plastered the inside of his companions pink ass. Elder Berry knows what has happened, and he doesnt mind. Who doesnt like getting wet?

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Elder Peterson and Bishop Angus – Inspection

Studio: Mormon Boyz

After being inducted by President Woodruff in an erotic rendezvous, the muscular blonde jock is handed over to Bishop Angus for a thorough inspection. The bishop has a special role among the gay priests of The Order. He performs a physical and spiritual evaluation of every candidate, and since he loves his job hes always very thorough.
He undresses the boy slowly, enjoying every muscle on the boys athletic torso. And when he finally pulls that massive cock free of the Mormon underwear, the head of his own penis starts to leak.
Elder Peter is equally turned on by the older man, and his hard dick is throbbing. He hopes it wont be long before the bishop spits on his hole and slides his dick in as far as it will go.
To be continued…

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Duration: 15:44
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Elder Lindsay – Personal Study

Studio: Mormon Boyz

The first few weeks of Elder Lindsays Mormon mission have been a fast-paced blur. It was practically yesterday that his family and friends gathered at his home as he opened his call and discovered where he would serve.
His time in the Missionary Training Center flew by, and before he knew it he was getting off the plane in his new home for the next two years. He was excited to join the other young Mormon men on a mission.
At the Mission Home, he and all of the new missionaries were greeted by the Mission President and the more experienced missionaries who would train them. He hoped that he would be paired with one handsome stranger in particular, and when the Mission President called his name Elder Ricci and said that he would be Elder Lindsays trainer, the young missionary couldnt hide his being pleased.
He gave his new companion a big hug, and then the two hopped on public transport and headed to the apartment where they would live together.
That first night, Elder Lindsay could hardly sleep. He and his new companion had spent the day going door to door, and while it was
exhausting work, Lindsay was very happy to enjoy Riccis company.
When they got home that first night, he watched his companion strip down to his form-fitting Mormon garments, and it took all of Lindsays willpower not to get an erection then and there. Ricci had turned off the light and crawled into bed, but Elder Lindsay could not sleep. He couldnt get the sight of his companion nearly naked out of his head.
It was torture to have this hot mormon boy in bed next to him and not be able to touch him. He didnt even dare to masturbate with the other missionary so near.
At 6:30 am, Elder Lindsay is the first rise. Wanting to impress Elder Ricci, he showers then puts on his missionary attire in time for his peral study.
As soon as Elder Ricci hops in the shower, Elder Lindsay picks up the garments his companion had been wearing the day before, and buries his face in them. Is he imagining things, or is there actually precum on the garments?
As he sniffs them, the boy reaches down and gropes his huge, hard cock through his slacks. He doesnt want to get caught, but as horny as he is, he thinks he has time to jerk out one big load of cum before his companion finishes his shower.

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